David and Goliath(ongoing)

Whilst we all take the weekly visit to the supermarket for granted, we seem to have forgot that we could, in fact we should grow our own food and take that money away from the food companies. We have been subtly coerced into a situation where we have to rely on money because we cannot feed ourselves or pay our bills without it. If we could start to change our lifestyles in a way that so drastically altered the capitalist horizon, we would be one step closer to change for the better.

I am Welsh, and I live in Wales, yet the Welsh wouldn’t be regarded as an indigenous people in any way other than location of residence. We often regard those under developed tribes in South and to a lesser extent, Northern America, Siberia, Mongolia and Africa as examples of ” indigenous peoples”

When you live in a highly developed society, you lose your indigenous Land rights.

“The majority of indigenous peoples living in forest areas depend on the natural resources of their lands to fulfil their subsistence needs. Huntingfishinggathering of forest products, and small garden plots still form the basis of their household economy. The security and permanence of their control and use of the natural resource base is actually more important to most indigenous groups than direct ownership of the land itself.[citation needed] The demand for ownership, in fact, derives from the need to ensure their access to these resources, so it is of particular importance to examine how the different national-level legal regimes handle this aspect of indigenous ownership. Land is also an important instrument of inheritance and it is a symbol of social status. The land is essential for people’s spiritual development. The land is sacred and everything they get from the land is a gift from their gods. Losing their land means a loss of contact with the earth and a loss of identity. Land is not only an asset with economic and financial value, but also a very important part of people’s lives, worldviews and belief systems”

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